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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  June 14, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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whatever are you talking about frank? >> if the world only knew how you guys blow in here at the last second! >> how was your drive? >> great! >> clear around the bay area today. [ laughter ] >> likely going to be the hottest day of the week. changes are coming for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> traffic looking good so far. a live look at the bay bridge. other than construction, it's a very quiet day. hopefully it will stay that way. >> happy friday. a slow one hopefully. a beach boat is getting a lot of -- beached boat is getting a lot of attentions, belongs to a sex offender and washed ashore next to a park in richmond. anne makovec is in richmond to report the parents in the area are worried about the owner. >> reporter: it's an eyesore when daylight hits. this boat hanging out there right off the side of this park in richmond. and the owner has until june
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24, 10 days, before police will start the paperwork to tow this boat away and destroy it. the owner was convicted of a crime. the boat broke free of heavy winds and shipwrecked here at vincent park. police don't know where the owner is. people who frequent the nearby park are on edge. >> make you not want to come here? >> yes, it would. it definitely would. >> you're not going to let that guy stop you from coming here? >> not at all. if i saw him hanging out around here, i definitely would chase him. >> reporter: the owner, olson, is supposed to keep up with periodic sex offender registration. he was arrested for not doing so earlier this month. then released. our crews did talk to a man who was working on the boat last night. he says he is a friend of olson. as far as olson being a sex
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offender it was only a misdemeanor but police at this point won't say what that is. anne makovec. >> why can't the boat just get removed? >> reporter: it's a long process, involved in taking away someone's personal property, in this case his home. so they have to do due diligence and give the warnings. he could file some of the paperwork within 10 days and have to wait and it would just prolong the process. so we'll see what happens. >> all right. anne makovec live in richmond, thank you. 4:32 now. a fender-bender leads to murder and the search for the gunman in oakland is on now. a man from emeryville was driving home on wednesday night when his jeep was hit by a four- door silver sedan. police say when he got out to check it out at market and stanford avenue someone in the other car pulled out a gun and
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shot him to death. >> he had dinner waiting for him. he wanted to play basketball and then come back and eat dinner. he never got to finish it. >> the california highway patrol says nagano was legally required to stay at the scene of the accident. but what can a driver do if the other person or the surroundings seem dangerous? that's when you call 911. this area, if i feel unsafe, the person i'm dealing with is aggressive. >> yesterday would have been nagano's 23rd birthday. he had returned from the bay area after graduating from the university of oregon last year. his family and police are now offering rewards for any information that might lead to an arrest. two people seriously injured after the deck of a florida sports bar gave way sending dozens into the waters of biscayne bay. this is a live look at the
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scene right now. there are still search crews out there. reporter andrew spencer on how customers came to the rescue. >> reporter: this is what's left of the deck at shucker's bar & grill. it's unrecognizable compared to the usual scene. this is video from the bar's website. authorities think about 100 people were on the deck when it collapsed. tom tuckwell was in the bar when it happened. >> there was a peculiar roar of noise, and by the time i turned around in a split second, where there was once people -- i mean, 50, 100 people maybe at least, there was nothing and darkness and screaming. >> reporter: a waitress at the restaurant says the deck folded just as people stood to cheer after a heat basket. tom tuckwell describes the rescue. >> people were trying to pull people out, six to ten people over. >> reporter: helicopters were on the scene to light up the water as rescue divers searched for the injured. ambulances were waiting to take
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them to nearby hospitals. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> authorities say they have accounted for everyone and now investigators are looking into what caused the deck to collapse. developing news out of colorado this morning where the weather could help firefighters today. thunderstorms could bring some much-needed rain today to the area where the black forest fire is still burning. the fire has destroyed at least 360 homes near colorado springs and two people have been found dead inside the garage of their home. >> their car doors were open as though they were loading or grabbing last-minute things. all indications with from the evidence on scene that they were planning to depart very quickly. >> the victims apparently died a short time after the fire started tuesday afternoon. right now, nearly 40,000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. the fire is only 5% contained. >> they need some relief there. >> do they ever. >> i talked to some friends there, and it's been pretty dry. >> yes. my friend says ash continues to fall on his home. he has some friends that they don't even know if they lost
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their home in the area. scary. >> 40,000 evacuated. that's a lot of people. and here? >> we're looking good. this will probably be our nicest day of the week. we'll see some of the hottest temperatures of the week but is a quick hitter and then the weekend things change. high clouds overhead and no fog to speak of because an offshore wind. clear skies, temperatures warming up. outside now clear skies over the bay with the exception of those high clouds. temperatures running in the 50s outside. 57 in san jose. 53 in san francisco. and 56 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, upper 80s almost 90 degrees in some of the interior valleys. 70s and 80s around the bay and a lot of 60s upper 60s near 70 even out toward the coastline. but there's big changes for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with gianna. we start off with roadwork on the richmond/san rafael bridge. this is an ongoing closure. it's going to affect your drive
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as you work your way on the eastbound side. looks like the right lane is closed until 5:00 so 30 more minutes on that. delays aren't too bad as you work your way through there. 101 through marin county looking good. 80 no delays as you work your way westbound 80 towards the bay bridge, clear. things are moving along both directions of 880 through oakland. let's get a live look at the bay bridge this morning. metering lights are off of course. it's still very early and light flow as you work your way towards the toll plaza. no delays into san francisco. lower deck of the bay bridge also clear. >> thank you. it may have a nice ring to it. the willie brown bridge. some state lawmakers have introduced a resolution to name part of the bay bridge after san francisco's former mayor. legislators say brown was one of san francisco's iconic mayors so it makes sense to give his name to the span that faces the city. well, the idea is getting mixed reaction. >> i know that he was only the mayor of san francisco but it
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feels like we'll keep the bay bridge all one name just the bay bridge. >> sure, why not. he's mr. san francisco. right? >> willie brown was san francisco's first black mayor. the proposal needs a majority vote in the legislature to take effect. vice president joe biden is coming to the bay area this afternoon. he is scheduled to attend a democratic party fundraiser at a private home in san francisco. keystone pipeline opponents plan to hole a protest there. the vice president's stop comes a week after president obama visited san jose, palo alto and portola valley. a judge says the man accused of stealing a sailboat in sausalito is mentally competent to stand trial. 62-year-old leslie allen gardner from wyoming was arrested after the 82-foot boat ran aground in pacifica in march. his lawyer says gardner is delusional and believes the boat was his. it's like seeing two baseball games in one, right? >> it was. 18 innings.
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the giants -- it's the as, of course. >> the as. >> it's friday. it's the as and the yankees. they set a record yesterday afternoon. they started playing at 12:37 yesterday but it wasn't until 6:12 in the evening when they finally finished this game. it was the longest day game in oakland history. there it is right now. bottom of the 18th inning the winning return the as won 3-2 and swept the yankees three games. and they beat mariano rivera. >> there you go. >> even better, the future hall of famer so -- time now 4:39. cracking down on smartphone thefts. will kill switches on devices stop you from being a target? >> washington says it will now start arming syrian rebels. why the sudden change of heart? we'll tell you. >> talk about a bad parking job. how this plane smashed into a hangar in southern california. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mechanics were doing a route engine test on this corp jet at an ai check out this plane crash. it's down in southern california. now it's actually not as bad as
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it looks though. mechanics were doing a routine engine check on the corporate jet at an airport in clean no yesterday. the plane just suddenly went off its blocks, started moving, slowly rolling into the hangar there. heart stopping moments. but nobody was hurt. if you look at the pictures, doesn't look so good. >> it looks bad. >> how did that thing start rolling? who pulled the blocks out? i have some questions this morning! [ laughter ] >> i have no idea. >> hey, guys. we have some great weather coming our way for today probably the nicest day of the week. it looks like high pressure is going to build in here very quickly but changes for the weekend. yup. a couple of high clouds drifting overhead but no low clouds down below and that means we have some great weather expected for today with an offshore wind. so these temperatures are going to be heating up, just a little cool to start the day but mostly sunny and warm all the way to the coastline by the afternoon. but for the weekend, you have plans? well, it's going to be cooler. we have more fog moving in for the weekend.
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those temperatures are legally going to drop. but for -- are really going to drop. but for today, enjoy it. sunshine and warm all the way to the beaches. that low in the gulf of alaska going to drop in our direction to bring a couple of clouds and cool down the temperatures. highs today in the 90s in the central valley, 87 in yosemite, 74 in lake tahoe, 69 degrees and beautiful in the monterey bay. computer models show the skies staying clear all day long. later on tonight we'll probably begin to see some patchy fog developing along the coastline and then move back onshore for the weekend. but for today, soak up the sunshine! enjoy these temperatures. about 81 in san jose. 78 in milpitas. about 76 in union city. and 77 degrees in san mateo. into the upper 80s in some spots inland so getting on the warm to hot side there. but inside the bay, we'll see those numbers mainly in the 60s and beautiful mid-70s into oakland. and even about 66 degrees in daly city. next couple of days we cool down the temperatures, more clouds on the way. in fact, as we look toward next week those temperatures headed well below average toward tuesday and wednesday. all right. let's check on traffic now with
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gianna. >> traffic so far, so good, lawrence. no major delays or accidents to report right now. we just checked in with chp. here's a live look at conditions. we have our photographer standing by near 101 and mckee and you can see, free-flowing both directions. looking good. the rest of the south bay as we jump over to our maps right now, looking good both directions 101 north of there also a nice ride heading all the way to the peninsula no delays right now. 280 in the green also seeing nice speeds along guadalupe parkway and highway 17. in and between santa cruz and los gatos things are moving well. elsewhere as you work your way around 880/237 connector yesterday we had some roadwork but right now traffic is good in both directions, no delays to report right now. eight minutes through the area. mass transit, so far, so good. actually everything is on time this morning, bart, muni, caltrain and ace not showing any delays. the rest of the bay area same story. everything is actually pretty clear as you work your way through the east bay. some slight delays through the altamont pass but that's expected looks like a 23-minute
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ride from the altamont pass to 680 in fact a closer look at that a few brake lights as you work your way towards 680 but no reports of any accidents or incidents or roadwork in that area. a check of the richmond/san rafael bridge as you work your way eastbound just a heads up the right lane closed until 5:00 for ongoing roadwork. let's get a live look at conditions near 580/680. you can see extra volume towards the dublin interchange but overall very nice ride this friday morning. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the white house says it can now confirm the government of syria has used chemical weapons on anti-government rebels. ines ferre on how the u.s. is now preparing to step up its involvement in the country's two-year civil war. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they now have definitive proof syrian president bashar assad ordered the use of sarin gas killing as many as 150 people. deputy national security advisor ben rose says syria has gone too far. >> the president has made it clear that the use of chemical
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weapons or transfer of chemical weapons to terrorist groups is a red line. >> reporter: in response, the u.s. will now start providing more military support to rebel fighters. >> if we do not address the chemical weapons compromise in syria and end this war before these chemical weapons flow out of syria, not only will israel be in the cross hair of radical islams with the weapons of mass destruction capability it's only a matter of time that they come here! >> reporter: news of the president's decision to support the rebels was met with general approval here on capitol hill on both sides of the aisle. even if he didn't spell out what kind of military support america will provide. >> the main thing about this is he has now said that the red line has been crossed. >> that means there must be consequences. >> reporter: but some here believe arming rebels isn't enough. >> they need a no-fly zone. >> reporter: senator john mccain who has visited with opposition leaders says syria's force is too strong for rebel fighters. >> it's not a firefight and we
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know in that kind of -- it's not a fair fight and we know in that kind of terrain air power is the deciding factor. >> reporter: the president hat made no decision on a no-fly zone. ines ferre, cbs news, washington. >> the white house has ruled outputting u.s. soldiers on the ground. edward snowden is apparently not welcome in great britain. the british government has issued an alert to airlines not to allow him on flights into their country. snowden has been in hiding since revealing top secret documents about u.s. surveillance programs. he is believed to be in hong kong. a newspaper in china surging the country to get more information from snowden rather than send him back here to the united states. new details about the gunman who killed five people in last week's rampage in santa monica, wrote a note apologizing. police found a three to four- page letter on the man's body after officers shot and killed him. in it he apologizes for killing
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his father and brother. still no motive for his killings but investigators suspect his mental health problems played a role. asian stocks bounced back today after heavy losses there week. tokyo's nikkei gained more than 2%. hong kong's hang seng added 1%. wall street moved sharply higher on better-than-expected numbers on retail sales and unemployment. the dow gained 180 points. the nasdaq was up 44. advertising on smartphones and tablets is big business and google is dominating that field. for the second straight year, the mountain view tech giant is expected to sell more mobile ads than the rest of its rivals combined. those sales will bring in nearly $9 billion in revenue for google this year. it's a 56% share of the overall mobile advertising market. facebook comes in second with $2 billion. meanwhile another mountain view tech company is cutting jobs. symantec has announced layoffs. the security software company
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is expected to cut about 1700 positions, or about 8% of its workforce. it's in the middle of a companywide reorganization. 4:49 now. there's mounting pressure on smartphone manufacturers to help reduce the number of robberies involving those devices. in new york yesterday the empire state's attorney general and the district attorney of san francisco issued secure our smartphone initiatives. they want so-called kill switches added to phones to render them useless if they are stolen. >> we're looking for a universal solution. we're looking for a solution that will be free to the customer. >> of all the robberies here in san francisco, it's estimated about half involve cell phones. the nationwide figure is about one-third. santa clara county leaders are coming down hard on some top prosecutors over vacation time. the county claims 19 lawyers were given extra paid vacation time by district attorney jeff rosen. it was meant to compensate for
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a 5% pay cut but the county wants those entitlements back. >> what we're doing now is letting them know that it's not acceptable and it means that we need to enforce the spirit of the contract and actually get the benefit back that was given to them. >> the attorney's union is recommending its members pay back the county mostly by giving back vacation hours. 4:50. one. few remaining survivors of the 1906 -- one of the few remaining survivors of the 1906 earthquake has died. win any hook was born in san jose just weeks before the earthquake and lived in santa clara the past 9 decades. a recent article in the santa clara weekly said she lived independently until she was 105. how about that! she lived to be 107. there are now just two known survivors of the quake which is even more remarkable when you think how long ago that was. >> no kidding. >> two more hanging in. time now 4:50. coming up, the small fortune paid for a san francisco parking spot. >> plus, it proves just how hot
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the bay area real estate market really is. how one guy made $200,000 in just six weeks. >> what this gator was found guarding in a north california home. ,,
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♪ [ roars ]
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♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ checking out your microclimate forecast for fremont, we are look sunny and warm today cooler on the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we are looking good on the roads, as well. there's a live look at conditions at most of your bay area bridges and so far, so good on this friday morning. deputies in nevada county got a shock when showed up at a domestic dispute call and went
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nose to nose with this 5-foot gator. a woman called 911 saying her drugged-out fiance was getting violent. when they arrived they found a gator in a kiddie pool in the garage as well as guns. the suspect is in jail and the gator is at an animal refuge center. 200,000 a year? that's good money, right? even better, $200,000 in just six weeks. real estate in contra costa county is the reason for that. prices have skyrocketed 38% in just a year. juliette goodrich was in san ramon to show us how a "flipper" cashed in on a fixer- upper. >> reporter: after a year of searching and being outbid the family is finally in escrow today. arvin describes the market as fierce. >> going very high over the asking price. it's been very tough. >> reporter: just six weeks ago their san ramon dream home got
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quite a makeover. >> this house was a real fixer- upper barely habitable. they took it, completely gutted the kitchen, actually took out a wall that was here. >> reporter: an investor bought it for $495,000 and got to work fast. >> so we put new windows, cabinets, all brand-new, granite countertops. that's what's important to most people. >> reporter: realtor andrew martin says the house hunt is all about timing and cash offers. >> i had so many calls on this house, a lot -- in fact, the next-door neighbor wanted to buy it at one point. >> reporter: are you amazed that six weeks ago your house that hopefully you're going to move into was uninhabitable? >> it's amazing. they have done a great job. >> reporter: you're paying the price, right? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so is this market a realtor's dream or is this tough for you as well because -- >> it's tough. this is very tough. i have had clients, you guys must be loving it, there's so many buyers. it's hard. i have written up to 10 offers for buyers before i get them into contract. >> reporter: juliette goodrich,
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kpix 5. >> making it even more competitive, mortgage rates are up to 4%. >> we both have been looking and it's crazy. >> it is. it is tough out there. >> especially in the east bay. if you drive in san francisco, you know parking can be expensive. >> forget the houses here. but wait until you hear what one man paid for prime real estate in south beach. this is the spot. isn't it lovely? and this is the guy who sold it. looks happy, too. he does. it's an underground garage in the south beach neighborhood a block from at&t park. it just sold for $82,000. turns out that's a bargain compared to this in boston. two beautiful tandem spaces in the back bay just sold for $560,000 at an irs auction. they have a lovely alley view. it's not even covered. apparently two neighbors got into a bidding war. i worked in boston a number of years. i have done stories for a couple of hundred -- but half
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mill for two? crazy. >> these are parking spots, not homes. >> you can't get a home in the back bay. >> people do it. 4:57 right now. coming up, what to do if you get into a car accident in an unsafe neighborhood at night. >> and the most destructive wildfire in colorado's history claims two lives. why firefighters may have a difficult weekend ahead coming up. >> reporter: a boat that's been ship wrecked in the bay is more than just an eyesore to some parents. it's a safety concern because of who owns it. we'll tell you why next. ,,,,
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the water!"" >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald the clock is ticking for the owner of this boat to get it out of here and in the meantime, parents that use a nearby playground don't want to wait a second longer. >> people screaming, people yelling, people hitting the water. >> a waterfront scare, a miami
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deck collapses sending dozens of sports fans into the water. >> today going to be the warmest day of the week. but the weekend, we have some big changes. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and "friday light" on the roadways. details in minutes. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, june 14. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. happy friday, folks. it's 5:00 now. we start with a boat abandoned on a beach on a richmond shoreline and it's causing a lot of concern right now. >> the boat's owner is a sex offender and his disabled craft is right next to a playground at vincent park. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in richmond this morning. where nobody is sure of the owner's whereabouts. >> reporter: that is right. and it has been here for a couple of weeks. you can see it off of the coastline here at franklin park. police are frustrated. they have begun the process to try to remove it but it takes time. meantime, people who live around here are concerned because it


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